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2009-06-07 10:52 pm

A first few pictures

First off, apologies to anyone who's waiting to see my AN '09 pictures. This post isn't them, but I have over the last week or so got a handle on the tools to convert my camera's raw files to jpeg, scale 'em down to a useful size, and start uploading. Results should be forthcoming soon.

I've also learned that it's only worthwhile shooting certain kinds of thing in raw. Sunsets, tricky high-contrast lighting, and any picture that you're hoping will be Real Art. Oh, and HDR. I wish I'd used raw for the shots I was using to make HDRs out of.

But what I do have is the first (very) few Hawaii pictures. Specifically, my first dabblings in HDR.

On a mostly-unrelated note, anyone who knows antiques, or knows someone who knows antiques: any idea whether this thing is worth any money?

And in keeping with the fact that I seem to be really getting back into photography, I loved the Wikimedia Commons picture of the year 2008 entries. I'm partial to #5, myself.

Things have been pretty busy (and I'm just awful at getting around to things) but I am truly planning to get a bunch more pictures online soon!