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It may come as a surprise that I still keep up with reading my LJ flist pretty much without fail. I've always been a lurker, not actually posting, but I do read and when I think I have something to add to the discussion, I comment. This is about to end, because LJ has finally found the last little annoyance that'll drive me to quit.

Over the years, LiveJournal has annoyed me almost to the point of shutting down my account and walking away... more times than I can count. From Brad's "There will never be ads on LiveJournal" broken promise way back in the day, to the poorly-handled handoff to 6Apart (who had no clue how to manage LJ's userbase), to Strikethrough '07 and the dismissive attitude toward users displayed in the aftermath, to the privacy-breaking Facebook integration mess, to the constantly-devolving user interface (because clearly, what I want when trying to read a long conversation thread is to not have the ability to subject-tag comments, along with having to dodge an endless minefield of mouse-rollover elements that want to pop up flashy boxes to hide the text I'm trying to read)... There's a lot of history there, and time and again LJ comes off looking like an amateurish operation run by a series of arrogant douchebags. Apparently the Russians love it. Frankly, the Russians can have it.

Oddly, my breaking point doesn't even come from any new change LJ has made, so much as a change in my own habits (combined with Dreamwidth being now well-established as an alternative). I've started doing essentially all of my browsing through the TOR network, which might seem like overkill if you've never heard of Edward Snowden or the NSA's PRISM program. But anyway. LiveJournal is routinely blocking TOR users, meaning that I need to have a second browser running without the privacy-protecting TOR connection just to read my LJ flist, and then manually copy-paste links into my TOR browser to open them, and it's just enough added irritation on top of everything that my patience has run out. I'm done.

As of about a week from now, I'm going to delete my LJ account as completely as I can manage. If you have compelling reasons for not crossposting to Dreamwidth, then I guess this is goodbye. If, on the other hand, you've simply never gotten around to setting up a DW account and/or configuring crossposting, well, it's almost absurdly easy, and I humbly submit that now might be a good time.

Here's the Dreamwidth signup page. The days of needing an invite code are long gone, and the signup process is pretty straightforward.

And here's the Dreamwidth FAQ entry on crossposting for users coming from LiveJournal. Essentially you check off a tickbox, type in your LJ username and password, and select whether you want comments enabled on LJ, a link back to the DW comments section, both, or neither. That's it.

Honestly, I've found Dreamwidth to be a better site in every way. The owners are respectful of the users, communicate changes in clear and respectful terms before rolling them out (and actually take user feedback into account when deciding on changes), and had a sustainable business model thought out before they launched the site. The codebase is way cleaner, because their developers have put a lot of work into working through the "technical debt" while LJ was busy trying to replicate the MySpace user interface. The design of the site is tidier, and they've made some very smart functional changes, such as giving you the option of following someone without automatically granting them access to all of your friends-locked posts (and vice versa), which is a surprisingly big improvement over LJ's functionality of "friending" someone.

Anyway, the choice is yours. I'm not here to change anyone's mind.

Scruloose out.
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